The Importance Of Food Safety In Human Health

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Food safety and nutritional quality play a fundamental role in human health. Food safety and threaten public health as well as food businesses can be affected by different chemical, biological, and physical hazards, so ensuring food safety is thus the most critical aspect of a food operation and is the backbone of consumer trust. Therefore, food should not be regarded as a simple commodity. There are many technical know-how and adequate scientific, technological means, and managerial experience nowadays to ensure the safety of food products. The key is in their possible application are setting a safety-minded organizational culture, management commitment (ie, the management walking the talk), a fair and professional management of staff, and management of change in an ever more complex and develop environment are the biggest challenge of today’s food operations.
However, over and above expertise in food safety, the leading and the most fundamental determinant of food safety is genuine management commitment. To ensure this there a need for the regulatory authorities to make the top management of food companies accountable for observing their policies and also to investigate failures up to the level of management.
Fisheries and aquaculture remain important sources of food, nutrition, income and livelihoods for hundreds of millions of people around the world. World per capita fish supply reached a new record high of 20 kg in 2014, thanks to vigorous growth in aquaculture, which

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