The Importance Of Foreign Aid

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Foreign aid is given to selected developing countries, and is necessary in order to protect the people and build a stable society. Australia is part of the worldwide foreign aid commitment and plans to give $3.9 billion over 2017 and 2018. Australians believe everyone should live with basic human rights which is why we give aid, and help countries by contributing money, food and resources. The main types of aid are humanitarian aid, which is disaster/emergency relief and development aid, which is a long-term commitment between nations. Australian aid is mainly focused on development aid, and helps nations worldwide. Interestingly, 90% of Australia’s foreign aid goes to Asia-Pacific countries such as Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. This gives Australia a stronger relationship with regional nations, providing the country with a strong relation, trading partner and partner in defence. Aid is a polarizing issue that divides the nation due to the two differing views on Australia giving aid, should the country give foreign aid or not? A strong foreign aid program is vital for Australia to build successful relations and regional security.
A large section of the population believes that Australia should reduce the amount of aid given. The article What is the future of foreign aid? (Article 1) published by the guardian is against foreign aid in its current form. This is justified through the article quote “The debate over the extent of aid is, and whenever it should continue is

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