The Importance Of Foreign Policy

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News is not typically part of a teenagers daily life.Every day, I stay updated on current events. The BBC app on my phone is what I visit the most in a day, more than Snapchat. While most of my friends are catching up on their snapchat streaks, I am browsing through the various international stories on the BBC app on my phone. Reading on topics such as foreign policy and economics is something that always has interested me. Currently, the largest news event when it comes to foreign policy is the huge independence debate in Catalonia. The government of Catalonia has reared close to making a formal declaration of independence from the Spain. Yet, as expected, the Spanish government has not exactly reacted well to this whole situation. In my …show more content…

Analyzing the topic with some other people in Congressional debate allowed for a highly informed debate to ensue. Those who argued for denouncing the weapon sales to Saudi Arabia focused on how the US intervention and subsequent injection of weapons into the Middle East following the Gulf war has spurred an arms race, further leading to greater chaos, leading to the situation that the Middle East is currently in. However, those who were arguing against denouncing reciprocated by verbalizing the benefits of giving Saudi Arabia weapons is that they have the potential of ending the turmoil in the Middle East. Both sides gave highly informed arguments which frequently sought to undermine the arguments from the opposing side. The pragmatic, focused argumentation seen on both sides is highly representative of what Congressional Debate causes people to do. The various intricacies that go in with every single issue need to be recognized when it comes to developing a pragmatic solution. I approach every debatable topic with the desire to have an in-depth understanding of both sides as to bolster not only my argument but also my knowledge of the topic. As a result of being in Congressional Debate, my reading material is primarily web-based articles and reports. Going back to the beginning, the BBC is often my go-to source of information, but

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