The Politics And Foreign Policy

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Results of the political typology quiz characterized me as a "Next Generation Left" who are "generally young, well-educated and financially comfortable" with "very liberal attitudes on many issues, including homosexuality, abortion, the environment and foreign policy". Contrary to my initial expectations of the results, I truly feel that the results of the quiz accurately describe my views flawlessly. Not only does the term "Next Generation Left" provide a basis for my attitude, but it also parallels with my situation both regarding sustainable finances and high quality education. Generally, I would consider myself a social liberal and fiscal conservative with a mildly strong trust in government to protect and serve the populous. …show more content…

Coming from an affluent background that stresses education, I am not privy to financial hardship and full government dependence. However, Jersey City has exposed me to many people who are financially dependent and are socially considered "unordinary". My political views are partially shaped by my social class because I am sympathetic to people who need assistance in order to attain financial independence from government as well as a proponent for social freedom from a city representing a wide range of people. Education has challenged me to expand beyond my personal beliefs and learn to criticize and well as acknowledge multiple viewpoints different to mine. Attending a private high school with a tuition identical to a college tuition, I entered a new environment consisting of mainly affluent white student completely different to that of Jersey City. Learning from great instructors with a much lower student to teacher ratio than that of public school which I had previously attended, I was fully aware of the polarizing differences. My parents strong value in education has rendered a shaping of my political views towards the advantages certain people towards gaining success. School is where I learned how the U.S. government works and gave me a platform to be an educated and engaged citizen. The range of education having attended charter, public and private schooling has allowed me to acknowledge the government 's efforts to create

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