The Importance Of Freedom In America

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The United States has surely come a long way since the days of being under British rule, and partly because many people shared the same hopes and aspirations as a society-to be free from the rule of others. Fighting for freedom and equality continued to be a constant battle before and during the existence of the United States and still remains one to this day. Many argue that the British government was a negative thing and that people needed to stray from it in order to unite as a whole and be independent as a nation. Thus, the people would abide by different rules and not take direction from a monarchy that was supposedly bad for them, but instead come together as one and claim the freedom and equality they deserve. The British monarchy was undeniably strict and had much command over the colonies in America which prevented people from living how they wanted. Thomas Paine, a philosopher, made the point, “This new World hath been the asylum for the persecuted lovers of civil and religious liberty from every part of Europe,” implying that America was the needed freedom from British rule (Common Sense). After being under control of another government for so long, there was a common feeling of serenity because America was a safe space for the colonies to reside in. He further expresses how the people should flee from British rule as it is an unfair nation. Not only an unfair nation, but one that opposes any other authority other than its own bloodline. Paine explains that the

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