The Importance Of Friendship On The Internet

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Due to the advancement of the internet, especially in the ways of communication, has changed our relationships with people. It has become a popular debate on whether it is possible to make genuine friendships on the internet the same as you would if you had met them in person. Cocking & Matthews believe that it is not possible to have genuine friendships online due to the structural difference between the internet and reality. On the other hand, Briggle argues against this, that it is possible to have friends on the internet because it allows for self- expression, some people may be hesitant to express in everyday life. While both arguments have valid points about the advantages and disadvantages of using the internet for making friends, I …show more content…

Whereas, online he might feel compelled to share this information because he doesn’t have the pressure to uphold a certain role. Briggle states that this is not a new phenomenon, that comparing messaging on the internet is similar to letter writing. Expressing thoughts through text is said to be a better form of communication. This is because there is time to contemplate thoughts and to find the right words to express how you are feeling. There is more time to communicate thoughts online than offline when there is only a certain amount of time that it is respectful to reply. Furthermore, Briggle argues that it is possible to interpret a friend’s message the same as you would in person. This is possible because of there are hints to how a person is feeling in written text that is left for interpretation of the friend. In addition, the person writing the text may be unware that they are conveying an underlying message about how they are feeling. Therefore, the point that interpretation is hindering in online friendships stated by Cocking & Matthews is unrealistic. Briggle adds that for some people it can help them communicate over the internet rather than in person due to certain aspects such as a shyness or a disability. Therefore, having a friend over the internet and being able to control the amount of information you give about yourself may be valuable in building social skills and

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