The Limits Of Friendship By Maria Konnikova

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In “The Limits of Friendship” by Maria Konnikova, social media has significantly changed the way we interact with friends and family. Everybody thinks that using social media is the best way to talk to friends and family, however, in my opinion, they are wrong because it doesn’t give you the face-to-face connections we need as humans for social interaction. On the other hand, the great thing about using social media is you can connect with more people, but in a superficial kind of way. Therefore, we do not get the face-to-face interactions with our friends and family. We, the people that are addicted to social media, learn that without face-to-face conversations we wouldn’t have a normal “social” life outside of social media. The question…show more content…
The brain is incredibly plastic, and, from past research on social interaction, we know that early childhood experience is crucial in developing those parts of the brain that are largely dedicated to social interaction, empathy, and other interpersonal concerns” (239). The Dunbar number is the maximum number of people an average person can have in her social group is 150. This number might change because of the way social media has been growing. We have 150 casual friends, 50 close friends, 15 friends you can turn to for sympathy, and 5 best friends and family. When we use technology to interact with others, we lose the ability to express the right emotions that you would express in a face-to-face conversation. When you tell someone how you feel over social media, it is entirely different than how you would tell it to them in person. Emotions that are expressed over social media, can be taken a completely different way than it would be taken if the conversation was face-to-face. For example, if you were having a conversation with a close friend, if you said something sarcastic like “You are such a weirdo.” That message could mean it is funny to you but it could be offensive to the person you are texting. In “The Limits of Friendship”, Konnikova says “We do have a social-media equivalent-sharing, liking, knowing that all your friends have looked at
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