The Importance Of Games In Soccer

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El Salvador fans then had the home field advantage and returned the favor by harassing the Honduran players and fans. Salvadoran fans caused noise in the streets to keep the Honduran players awake just like the Hondurans did to them. This included “the screaming crowd of fans breaking all the windows in the hotel and throwing rotten eggs, dead rats and stinking rags inside” (Carter, 2011). Come game time there were riots in the stadium with violence between the two sets of fans. El Salvador even decided to raise a tampered rag instead of the Honduras flag that cause uproar among Honduran fans. During all the violence, two Honduran fans were murdered throughout the game time festivities. The El Salvador National Team won the second leg …show more content…

Only a few days later El Salvador, who had had enough of Honduran violence, committed an act of war against Honduras officially beginning the war. Rouquié and Vale (1973) recount the war in the International Journal of Politics. Following the breaking off of all ties between the two countries, numerous other Central American countries pushed for mediation. This did not help and on June 26, 1969, El Salvador enacted a surprise air raid attack followed by a ground attack on July 14th. The goal of this surprise attack was to attempt to gain as much land and major cities as fast as possible. For a geographically small country such as El Salvador, it was important to push Honduras back quickly. Additionally El Salvador hoped to at least control the land that many Salvadoran immigrants owned within the Honduras boarder. Following the bombings, El Salvador used their far more powerful army to invade on the ground, quickly claiming about sixty kilometers of land. Despite lacking in military strength, the geography of Honduras and the support from civilians helped in slowing down the Salvadoran army. The following day the Organization of American States (OAS) held an emergency meeting in which they requested El Salvador to discontinue their attack on Honduras. The Organization of American States was a coalition of Latin American countries and the

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