The Importance Of Soccer

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Soccer is a popular sport all over the world and it is most popular in places like Europe and Spain. The objective of soccer is to score goals by passing the ball down the field into the opposing team's goal. The objective is to score more goals than your opponent. Soccer is popular all over the world, but why isn’t it popular here in the U.S?

Sports like basketball, Football, Baseball, and Tennis are all popular here in the U.S, yet, soccer doesn't get as much attention. The U.S international team has qualified for the biggest international tournament, The World Cup, for 32 years in a row. They never won the World cup, but they have been performing really well over the years. If soccer was more popular here in the U.S, they would have more people wanting to play the sport, causing them to improve massively as a team.

A major reason soccer isn't popular here is because the U.S only has 1 league to play in. For example, all major countries have over 2-4 leagues so that more teams can play to reach for the top. The U.S has a league called Major League Soccer, also known as the MLS. Firstly, the MLS only has 22 teams in its league, that is more than most popular leagues in Europe and Spain! More teams mean more excitement and fans right? Well not necessarily, The MLS might have more teams than any other league in Europe, but it is very boring to watch.

You might ask, why would it be boring if there's more teams? It is boring since there is only 1 league, meaning there is

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