The Importance Of Genetics And Biological Psychology

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Biological psychology adequately explains human behavior and mental processes because of the biological process in the brain and how it relates to genetics. Genetics can affect a person’s mental process and how they think about certain things, Huffman and Dowdell state “that genes influence many aspects of our behavior, including whether we finish high school and college, how kind we are to other people, and even whom we vote for in elections” (p.10). This shows how genes and biological psychology affect our behavior and mental process. The brain connects with the nervous system and when there is a trauma in the brain, neurotransmitters affect the brain and can change a person’s behavior. This shows how behavior can change in an instant because of biological perspective. This is a clear way of the explanation of human behavior because if there is damage to the brain, then that can affect the behavior of a human and cause a difference in the mental process.
Sociocultural psychology emphasizes the effect of humans and their everyday surroundings. Sociocultural psychology handles ethnicity, religion, and things people see constantly that effects how humans think and their views on society. People’s views on society constantly effects how people think and react which leads to their behavior and mental process. People who live in poorer countries tend to find a spouse who is richer so they can lead better and more resourceful lives as adults (Huffman and Dowdell, 2015, p. 10).

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