What Is A Group Dynamic?

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Overall, our group dynamic was good. We were able to collaborate and critique openly, without any real arguing or tension. Everyone’s opinions were heard and when there were disagreements they were resolved by civil discussion. The only conflicts that we experienced, which were fairly minor, were due to lack of communication or the presence of miscommunications, which were easily resolved with further conversations and clarifications. The workload during the pre-production phase of our film was most evenly distributed. We assigned duties during class and we all did our fair share. Originally our workload during production was broken down into our shooting schedule, which organized who would film what and when. However, we did not stick to the schedule as much as I wish we had, especially since I spent a lot of time creating the schedule. Instead we divided the workload based on our original sequences, which Liam outlined and emailed to us, with each of us filming an equal share of the planned shots. As our film evolved, we maintained this workload distribution, in which we all filmed even shares of certain portions of the films, even as we restructured the film into three acts instead of episodes. Each of us also took on a specific focus in the production as well. Liam and I collected interviews, while Brielle, picked up the exterior shots that became a larger focus of our film. Brielle and Liam, also picked up specific shots of students working, while I focused on getting

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