The Importance Of Homework

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School, Sports, Shower, Eat, Homework, Repeat. Teens face the struggles of not having any time to finish their homework much less having any time to do their favorite activities. Despite all of these issues when the going get’s tough you should try taking your mind off of it, talk to someone you trust, or work harder with even more focus toward your goal. I know when I’m stressed or upset about something my mom will always tell me to step away from the situation for a little bit and do something I like to do so I can calm down and then revisit my homework or the situation after. In Boy 21 after Finley talked about what happened to his mom and grandpa, Russ asked “So that’s when you stopped talking?” and Finley said “Yeah. It’s also when I started playing basketball” (Quick 232). When Finley went through that rough time in his life with his mom passing away and grandpa getting his legs cut off, basketball became his passion and what he loved to do. Anytime he was playing he would feel like nothing else mattered in the world. In this Finley teaches us that a passion in itself could be a cure to dealing with life’s issues. Some people are too proud to ask for help and they are the ones who really need it the most. Those who don’t get help fall deeper and deeper into a hole and end up going insane because they have everything bottled up. In Boy 21 Russ says, “Let’s talk about what happened to our parents. I really think it might help. I talk to my therapist all the time. You

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