The Importance Of Human Rights In Prison

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In a recent discussion regarding human rights in prison, a controversial issue has been whether human rights in prison should be improved or if they should stay the same. On one hand, some argue that they should be improved because prisons should provide a better environment for the prisoner to rehabilitate. On the other hand, human rights in prisons should stay the same because prison adjustments can be expensive, prison standards are already humane, and prisoners are sentenced to jail for the actions they did. Therefore human rights in prison should stay the same.
To begin with, prisoners should not be granted more rights than they already have. Before a prisoner was sentenced they were a free citizen. They had a choice on whether they were going to commit a crime. In breaking the law there should be a punishment that is followed up to give motivation for the prisoner not to repeat the offense they were sentenced for. Criminals do not deserve the good parts of this country if they were apart of the bad. If they did do positive thing they deserve gratitude if not they deserve the opposite. Serial killers, child molesters, and rapist don’t deserve freedom. They have enslaved others by taking their life or causing trauma that can make someone feel like a captive. They exercise equal freedom when it comes to deciding whether or not to commit a crime Everyone has that option. They do not deserve more rights when they have what they need in order to survive and be healthy.

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