The Importance Of Human Value And Equality

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The Importance of Human Value and Equality Edgar Rice Burroughs’ fictional story “Tarzan of The Apes” appears merely an action story that explores gender roles, people in the upper-middle class, and the human instincts versus sophistication debate, but the focal point of Burroughs’ story features a bizarre story that reveals inherent problems with the concept of Darwinism and perceived human inequality. Darwinism is the theory that some humans are less evolved than other humans are. By offering an implied depiction of Jane and her father as wealthy, civilized individuals, and depicting Tarzan as an uncultured animal, Burroughs’ challenges his readers to contemplate their own views on human equality. Every reader’s opinion of this story, of course, stems from his or her personal stance on human impartiality and Darwinism. In my opinion, certain aspects of the human race will never change, and that is why many individuals consider the development of another human being before decided whether to treat them equally. Throughout the story “Tarzan of The Apes,” the author implies that Tarzan is something other than human. Burroughs describes how Tarzan’s senses were more developed than ours were because he depended on them for survival. The author says that Tarzan utilized those senses “far more than the more slowly developed organ of reason” (82). This is consistent with inhumane concept that is Darwinism, because, a less evolved human like Tarzan would not need the “organ of

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