Insight Into the Past and Present with Science Fiction 0.4 by Mike Lancester

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Through analysing science fictions texts, it is clear that they emphasise the past and present issues of humanity by exaggerating their subsequent consequences in the future. 0.4 by Mike Lancester is a science fiction text which evidently represents the discrimination inflicted upon the ‘inferior’ races by the more ‘superior’ races. As this aspect of discrimination has occurred in the past, such as the racism faced by Aboriginal people, Lancester gives us an insight into the past of humanity. Furthermore, by exploring the possibility of social hierarchy in the near future due to genetic enhancements, 0.4 provides an insight into Lancester’s notion of the future of humanity.

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Although it is impossible to foresee the future, it can be predicted to some extent by examining the future consequences of past and present events. Hence, the future is an event or action which has not yet occurred .0.4 is Lancester’s representation of the future of humanity as it addresses the looming possibility of social hierarchy due to genetic enhancements. In the present, humans are constantly experimenting ways to enhance themselves. For example, scientists have recently found a treatment which could in theory allow humans to remain able-bodied for much longer, effectively increasingly the life span of humans. However, this procedure would be very expensive. The high cost of genetic enhancement would prevent all but the wealthy from obtaining the procedure. This would give rise to a social hierarchy with the enhanced humans gaining power over those who cannot afford the procedure. This is the exact situation in 0.4 as the 0.4 were unable to receive the enhancement implying that they are physically inferior to the 1.0. “We are nothing to them” makes it evident that there is a social hierarchy in the world of 0.4, as the 1.0 think very little of the 0.4 due to their genetic superiority. As we are at the brink of genetic enhancements, Lancester is outlining this social hierarchy as the possible future of humanity.

Science fiction texts like 0.4 give us an insight in to the past of

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