The Importance Of Identitys In My Life

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People have infinite amounts of identities for themselves and even more identities that people give them. For me, I am a young woman, a daughter, and a friend. To others, I may be a stranger, a nuisance, or even an enemy. I will be highlighting the identities that have an impact on my everyday life and how these identities have worked to shape my views of the world, of what I want from my journey at CSUMB, and from life after that. I was born and raised in Riverside, California and I've never known any other place as home. It is a quiet place where not much happens and not much to do for fun. I had few friends, but the ones I have are the best the I could have asked for. Since I lived there as long as I did, I was desperate for a change of scenery and knew that I wanted to go to school far from home. When applying, I made sure to only to apply to schools that were out of state or in Northern California. My mother is Mexican and my father is black. I identify with both of these sides, though I have never felt very connected to either side. I didn't speak Spanish growing up so I couldn't communicate with my mom's relatives. I also was very shy and quiet, which was the opposite of what my dad's relatives were like. I couldn't completely relate to the similar experiences of my Mexican and black friends and I felt like the odd person out because I never truly felt connected to either of my identities. I identify with these ethnicities because that is what I was always told

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