The Importance Of Immigration And Citizenship In The United States

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The American political system has long been distinguished by debate surrounding Immigration and Citizenship. The arbitrary manner in which our policy has evolved, ensures exclusivity regarding access to citizenship. Despite the pervasive narrative of the United States being a republic created for and by immigrants, Immigration and Citizenship remains the longest running conflict in American politics. During the 2016 election we bore witness to a campaign run on nationalist rhetoric, mobilizing a previously untapped constituency vis-a-vis extreme exclusionary politics. The Trump administration systematically targeted migrant populations deemed undesirable or threatening to American interests and, in doing so, restored our national stance on Immigration to one of hyper-nationalism.
Ethnocentricity has been a re-occurring theme within American Immigration policy. During times of drastic change or uncertainty, there has been tendency to favor a restrictive approach towards Immigration. Through a case study of Mexican-American Immigration in the 1900’s, I aim to exemplify the cyclical manner in which And examine the class and race based hierarchies that served to perpetuate/allow for the practices of these systems to exist/continue. The imperative importance of class/cyclical/policy parallels the American economy. Mobilizes people
The premier decades of the 20th century were met with a substantial influx of migrants from primarily, though not exclusively, Eastern Europe. The
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