The Importance Of Interpersonal Communication

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Communication is the behaviours, whether they be verbal or non-verbal, that one individual perceives from another (Judith Dwyer, 2016). The efficient communication between a sender and receiver plays a crucial role between organisations and personal use as it allows us as communicators, to comprehend the fundamentals and processes which flow from the sender, to the receiver to ensure a dynamic and clear communication is achieved. Effective communication plays a crucial role in the delivering of messages to boost the productivity of a workplace, although it is not always easy for this to be accomplished as it may be deterred through hurdles that could effectively result in messages be misinterpreted from the sender to receiver. This is…show more content…
Issues comprising the notion of communication barriers which deceive the intended meaning of messages (Dwyer, 2016). The most common communication barrier is noise, the disruption of the communication flow that consequences in the misconception of messages. (Dwyer, 2016). Noise can effectively become a major hurdle in the process of communication, and if ineffective, may ultimately lead to the interruption in the channel of communication between the sender and receiver. This will result in misunderstanding, confusion and ambiguous communication. (Dwyer, 2016). The foremost influence of noise is recognised in Shannon Weaver’s ‘transmission model of communication’ which expresses the effect that noise can contribute in the flow of communication. (Seen in figure 1.1) The noise source exemplified in Figure 1.1. may be external, physiological or psychological. Additionally, Physical noises refers to the external distractions in the environment, such as a phone. (Dwyer 2016) Physiological noise refers to the distractions which effects an individual eg. headache. Psychological noise refers to mental commotions created from the thoughts of communicators, such as bias or assumptions. (George L. Grice and John F. Skinner, 2004). Although various forms of noise exist, they are all mutual in the way of
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