The Importance Of Interpersonal Communication

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Interpersonal communication is how people build personal knowledge, reflect, and create shared meanings with each other. Whether you know it or not we go about our daily lives interacting with others through interpersonal communication.
We tend to treat people differently depending on what we are getting out of them. For example, when you go to a restaurant how many times do you remember your server name? Few, I’m sure. That’s because we don’t care to learn that server by name because we only care about them bringing our food and drinks on time. We consider that server as an ‘it’ and not as a human. Being aware that you just had an I-It Communication with that server will make you realize that hey I need to start showing people that I respect and care to know who they are by name. Interpersonal communication is a continuous process the more we take the time to get to know someone the more depth the conversations will get. For example, when you start talking to your crush. In the beginning the conversations are short answered questions. But as soon as you get more comfortable with each other the relationship becomes more dynamic because your sharing personal knowledge.
“According to Maslow, the most abstract need is self-actualization” (Wood, 2014, p.26). As humans we seek personal growth. We want to feel good about ourselves and what we bring to the table. We want to be the best versions of ourselves at home, school, and work. For example, before I started my current job

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