The Importance Of Language In English Language

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I am interested in the overarching influence of language in human culture. My Individually Designed Major in linguistics reflects this interest and prepares me for the application of linguistics in the field.
Linguistics is the scientific study of human language. According to the Linguistics Society of America, such a study includes the structure of languages and the variance in language systems among other topics (Macaulay and Syrett). My core courses emphasize the history of language, its development, its perception, and my skills in foreign languages.
For example, by studying the history and development of a certain language in The English Language (ENGL 346), the course prepares me for discussion and investigation of my first language. Since English is such a popular second language, a thorough understanding of my first language is essential to success in linguistics and in my future career path. The development of language is the classroom was a common topic in Bilingual Education (EDUC 345), and the course discussed the application of linguistic theories in the field of education.
For the development of my foreign language skills, I focus on two languages during my years at Denison, so I have a diverse but comprehensive knowledge of language. German and Arabic are the primary choices for my in-depth study of language, and these two languages incorporate a knowledge of distinct language families, i.e. Germanic and Seminitic. To support my knowledge in at least one of
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