The Importance Of Language Teaching

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Language teaching is an area that fascinates many researchers because of the important roles that language plays in our society. As a language teacher, I am one of the researchers who wish to carry on research on specific aspects of language teaching such as reading in this case, to be able to help learners especially at beginning levels to establish strong foundations in their academics. As a teacher, I always want the best for my learners. Therefore, I like to prepare materials for use in teaching these students very carefully, and to select the best methodologies for teaching to ensure that every student benefits from the teaching and learning experience. When it comes to teaching reading, I wish to provide as much assistance as possible to my learners to help them learn to read. Reading ability is a basis for success to learners, as it affects their understanding in all other courses they take, which require reading.
Teaching as a profession requires that we teachers put our students’ interests first. As a teacher and a future curriculum developer, I have the interests of students at heart. I believe that all students deserve the best out of their learning time and thus, I believe that whatever measures that can ensure that learners achieve that success in learning should be followed. Since previous research has shown that there is a great need for teachers especially in the elementary levels to teach reading fluency and comprehension to their learners, I chose to

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