The Importance Of Leadership

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As community members, we have a concern that involves the upstanding of your FFA chapter as well as the National Organization. As we all know by now, you have a pregnant officer on your officer team. Frankly, as grandparents, parents, and community members, we do not consider the officer in question fit for the position. According to the Ava FFA Chapter Constitution and Bylaws, as well as the 2017-2018 Officer Contract that the officer in question was asked to sign, we can prove that she is not fit for the leadership position as an Ava FFA Chapter Officer. We are requesting that she be removed from her office position immediately. In the Ava FFA Chapter Constitution and Bylaws, it states in Article III, Section C, “Any FFA officer who is …show more content…

Lakey or Mrs. Perkins. I will be an upstanding citizen of this community and school, following all parts of the Ava Chapter constitution and will participate on a contest team. A probationary period will occur for the 1st offense, 2nd offense will result in the resigning of the office. Consequences of the probationary period will inhibit the officer from attending the next FFA function. Also, two days of ISS, any OSS, or more than 3 days of detention of any kind will result in the end of my officer term immediately.” The officer in question would not be able to fulfill her duties listed in the Officer Contract because of the following reasons: Typically, most people that have been pregnant in high school at Ava throughout the years have taken advantage of their maternity leave/homebound. Most tend to be gone almost half a year. Until proper paperwork is finished and returned to the school (which seems to take longer than you would expect) concerning the homebound or maternity leave of the student, the grades and attendance of the student will drop tremendously. Therefore this means that the officer in question would more than likely not be able to maintain that C average and 95% attendance rate. Having a child in high school is not much of an excused absence, so she will be missing more than three events. If we are going put this system into effect, we could also state that she has already missed an event (Officer Training) and we are excluded FFA Camp

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