The Importance Of Leadership, Values And Vision Of Successful Fashion Retailing

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The Importance of Leadership, Values and Vision in Successful Fashion Retailing.

Rhea Hendrickson
BA (Hons) Fashion Buying Retail and Management
RFRM4005: Identifying the M and E in Team

The retail company which has been selected is Next, due to the long successful leadership skills from CEO Simon Wolfson. This essay is going to look at how Simon has managed to keep Next running and how he successfully leads his management team.
Looking at the history of Next it is seen that the previous CEO David Jones saw potential in Simon, from when he was working for them as a buyer back in the early nineties, helping them to rebuild their shares as they had fallen to around ten pence. Simon has also been on the board since 1997 helping to plan of the company putting it together.
How Simon has managed to take over from David Jones and how has he kept the business running successfully.
Simon Wolfson was appointed the role Chief Executive Officer in 2001, the role was passed down from David Jones who was the previous Chief Executive Officer from 1988. It mentions in a report from the Telegraph (20th May 2001) ‘it helped even more that Jones spotted his talents early on and promoted him into ever more senior, precarious positions. If Wolfson 's promotion had been blind nepotism, the whole company would have suffered the consequences by now. Instead it has flourished.’ The quote mentions the fact that if Simon didn’t take over the business it may not have flourished

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