The Importance Of Learning Disabilities In Education

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Students can be excited to start school and show interest in learning until that excitement turns to frustration when the child starts to face challenges. They may find it hard to recognize letters or letter sounds and may have trouble staying on task. This irritation can quickly turn into impulsive actions and can be disruptive in the classroom. These actions leave the teacher no choice but to convey to the child’s parents and other school professionals in order to help the student in his/her learning process (Learning Disabilities, 2011).
These behaviors may be a surprise to the parents, nevertheless countless factors can play a role in why the student is having difficulties. The child could have learned the language at a later milestone and as a result could have a limited vocabulary. The environment in which the student lives at home and the community they reside is equally important and can play a role in how a student learns. As educators, it is important to learn as much as possible about the student and their background. It is equally important to learn about the communities in which the children live. In order to be successful, teachers should build a rapport with the parents so that questions regarding the child’s development can be answered. This will give the educator a better understanding as to why the child may have learned the language late or why they are having difficulties learning. Also, building a relationship with the parents will help the teacher to be

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