The Importance Of Liberal Education

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Liberal education could be considered a very vague term as there are many ways one could define it. To me, liberal education is defined as a college level education that encompasses many different disciplines. From this college level education, I would expect to garner a wide variety of knowledge, an exposure to new ideas, and the chance to expand my horizons as I am involved in diversity of peers and topics. I think a couple of different factors went into the formation of this perceptive as a realistic anticipation of the college experience.
A liberal education provides the opportunity to be exposed to a multitude of different subjects. Therefore, college students are required to be exposed to a diverse curriculum. This in turn develops very well-rounded graduates with a basis of knowledge in many different areas. This is important not only because these students will have the ability to be aware and understand different aspects of modern life, but also students acquire certain skills necessary to succeed. For example, a science major might hate English classes, but the act of writing papers and reading might come in handy as they begin to look for jobs and are able to be well spoken and organized. Also, this diverse curriculum allows students to contemplate matters in from different areas of academia. For example, learning about science, economics, and literature will help students to thing about international issues is dynamic and complex manner rather than contemplating

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