The Importance Of Liberal Education

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Education nowadays is typically seen merely as something students must endure before they enter the real world. Students who ace all of their classes are looked upon with admiration and promised that they will go far in life. While grades are an important part of the educational system, simply learning facts in school is not all that it takes to be a contributing member of society. William Cronon makes excellent points in his article “Only Connect…” in which he lists the ten qualities he believes are required for a person to be liberally educated. Based on this list, I don’t feel as though I am where I could be at this point in my academic career. While I can claim to excel with certain qualities like listening intently and being able to talk with anyone, there are many aspects that I am unable to relate to, such as being able to write clearly or solve a variety of puzzles. By understanding the importance of a liberal education, hopefully we, as a society, can learn to connect with others and make a difference in our communities, and ultimately our world. Based on Cronon’s list, it would be difficult to attain each and every one of these qualities. He even states at one point that “a liberal education is not something any of us ever achieve…” While it may not be an acquirable goal, it is something that we should strive for in order to better ourselves and those around us. In my own life, I struggle with the second aspect of these qualities, being able to read and
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