The Importance Of Literacy

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Literacy is a very important and useful tool someone should have when walking through life, it can help make people's life more simple. Sometimes literacy can be hard to learn, but it is worth it in the end. Being literate can help out when people want to learn something new or have important work to do for a job or school. Being able to read and write can open a world of stories, conversations, and opportunities. People and teachers had often influenced me, negatively and positively, on literature and how I felt towards it throughout my schooling career.
In school, literature expanded my vocabulary. I would often have a spelling test and vocabulary words to read in school. The test helped me learn more words and pronunciations so I can …show more content…

If we read all the books on the list we won a pizza party at the end of the year. Before that, I did not really like reading and I still do not, but I thought about reading the books for a little bit.
Later in fourth grade I was in a class with students that I felt were brighter than me and I felt bad because I couldn’t read as fast as them or remember what the story was about. I am not good at some things in literacy like reading fast and comprehension, so my teacher had me read in a small group with other kids with the same struggles as me. Also to help me, my mom had me read books and write about what I read. As I practiced more and more I could understand the story I was reading and be able to tell it to somebody else.
While in the seventh grade I had fun with literacy. I had two teachers in one class. We read books and would do projects after we read. After we finished the book we would talk about it as a class. That helped me with comprehension and seeing what other people thought the author was trying to say to the readers. Also sometimes we played literacy board games to take a break from reading. The board games, and who we played with, were determined by the skills people struggled with.
Later in the eighth grade, I had to write a lot of papers and essays over books and conflicts in the world or in the media. I never really knew how to start a paper or what to put in the body. The teacher I had in seventh grade was the same one I had in eighth

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