The Importance Of Living At The Falcon Center

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On any given day, I am on campus about eleven hours. I don’t live in the dorms. It is an unfortunate side effect of being a commuter student, athlete and not owning a car or driver’s license. Waking early in the morning to get ready so my Dad can drop me off on campus, roughly a half-hour drive, so he can then go to work and open his shop by 9am, then Returning home around 7:30pm leaves little time to accomplish much in the line of study or homework. Therefore, I find myself in the best alternative I have available – The Second Floor of the Education Health Careers Building. I tried the Falcon Center, but it was to loud. I tried the Library but it is very busy. Ultimately weighing my options the Second Floor of the Education Health…show more content…
However, greater than these external distractions there are some internal distractions, my days are long and after listening to lectures and working out, sitting down in a comfortable chair in a relatively peaceful environment while studying, sometimes lulls me to sleep. I dozed off more than once trying to drill some minutia from my Fitness and Wellness class in my head. Further, the water fountain has cold water which is an excuse to stand up, take a short walk, obtain a refreshing sip of water and then refocus. When I find myself drowsy I make a point to go to bed early when I get home and in a pinch find a cup of coffee to revitalize myself, however temporary. The Education Health Careers Building is the best compromise in my situation. It does not help me as much in exam intensive classes like Introduction to Health Education. This class is an introductory level class that contains large volumes of foundation vocabulary and terms. Sitting by myself in a room reading the material over and over does not help. It is this sort of class I fall back on my flash cards and quizzes where my parents take an active role drilling the information into my head. It should be no shock that the Fitness and Wellness class requires a deep level of concentration. The desks are hard plastic, not very comfortable. In a perfect world, every desk would be like the ones in the Education Health Careers Building. As an athlete I work out two or more times a day and
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