The Importance Of Lowering The Nurse Patient Ratio

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Abstract The purpose of this paper is to illustrate and demonstrate the significance of lowering the nurse to patient ratio, while implementing quality health improvements. Today’s complex healthcare system faces a number of difficulties that affect the quality of patient care and safety. Current nurse to patient ratios are of increasing focus in today’s healthcare system. Nursing staffing ratios have an effect on numerous areas within nursing; however, one of the most profound is the effect on the quality of care delivered to the patients. For example, medication errors and prevention are important in all aspects of care. Appropriate time is needed to administer medications; however, with overworked nurses and overextended patients loads, nurses are pressed for time. Nurses have the opportunity and responsibility to make sure that their patients obtain quality of care through interventions that keep patient safety a priority. Strategies should include keeping nursing staffed at adequate levels and appropriate to the type of patient care. Furthermore, the patient’s acuity and the nurse’s assignment should be taken into consideration. Nurse-to- Patient Ratio Health Policy Inappropriate nurse staffing is of concern in today’s health care system with the overly stressed workloads that nurses face today. Appropriate staffing is essential to achieve quality and safe patient care. One way to implement safe care is to have mandated nurse-patient ratios. According to

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