The Importance Of Meaning In Society

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Imagine being lost for words without being able to explain oneself. This experience may be awkward. This scenario shows why sayings are important in our society. Sayings are the way we express ourselves and the way we relate to issues. We, as humans, want an untroublesome way to explain ourselves with less words. The perfect saying can cause a prodigious impact. The saying ¨ de favor te abrazan y quieres que te aprieten,¨ relates to society considering it explains how society is never satisfied.
People will disagree on issues such as the meaning of the saying. Some may not see the relation between society and the saying, even through the process of translation, the meaning is lost and unclear to the reader.
Furthermore, the saying ¨de favor te abrazan y quieres que te aprieten¨, relates to society. It explains how consistently an individual does something for a person and the person expects the individual to do more. Society today is full of people who are not at all satisfied by others good deeds. Nothing is ever enough for some people, with plentiful always having expectations and being dependent on an individual.
Society is full of people who will never be satisfied by others good deeds. Individuals decide to do something honorable for a person out of the kindness of their hearts and without expecting something in return, but the person isn't always grateful and instead demands for more. For example, in the tv series The Fosters, a character named Jesus decides to help

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