The Importance Of Media Literacy

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New information is being uncovered day by day throughout the world. This is a statement I can declare with utter confidence. People around the world are researching and discovering new things just about every moment. Now living in the Technological Era, developed countries, or anybody with access to the internet, has a plethora of informational databases available at their fingertips. Technology has opened up a world of knowledge. Why are we not taking full advantage of this? The knowledge we can obtain from media is limitless. In order to be fully literate in this era, one needs to obtain knowledge on how to correctly use media. It is crucial to the well being of society that media literacy be included in the United States’ school …show more content…

One of my teachers, for instance, told us about a story she had read that Hillary Clinton had purchased millions of dollars’ worth of illegal firearms. This was considerably incorrect and persuaded many of the students to favor other candidates. This also applied to my parents. They have an insignificant interest in politics, therefore what they read on social media and saw on the television influenced their electoral vote. Fake news was not fully opted out and persuaded my family to vote for a certain candidate. Distinguishing invalid news is extremely critical when it comes to politics and all together, society.
Being able to include media literacy in the school curriculum will help prevent fake news from being easily trusted. This will cause a beneficial change within society. Media users will be able to research fake news and come to the personal conclusion of its validity. There will not be a society full of misunderstandings. In Padgett’s document, she also included that NAMLE’s executive director, Michelle Ciulla Lipkin, disclosed with her her own views on the inclusion of media literacy. Lipkin marks that the maker, the social media platform, and the reader are all held accountable for fake news. Being able to single out faulty news will draw a clear line between fact and opinion. Furthermore, she asserts “We need to embrace technology and media

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