The Importance Of Microaggressions Among Adolescents And Adults

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Researchers have noted that microaggressions are a substantial risk factor for mental health concerns among non-white children, adolescents and adults (Forrest-Bank & Jenson, 2015). Forrest-Bank and Jenson (2015) examined the differences in experiences with microaggressions among a sample of 409 Asian, Latina/o, Black and White young adults. Participants in this study completed the Racial and Ethnic Microaggressions Scale (REMS) as a measure of experiences with racial microaggressions. The results of this study indicated that non-White respondents endorsed significantly more experiences with racial and ethnic microaggressions. An additional finding of this study was that there were no significant differences among mean scores for non-White groups, which indicated that microaggressions were experienced at similar rates among different non-White groups. …show more content…

Latina/os encountered Exoticization and Assumptions of Similarity, where others assumed that because they were from a certain ethnic group, all members of that ethnic group acted the same. The authors concluded that perceived discrimination is a significant issue for young adults of color (Forrest-Bank & Jenson, 2015). The authors also highlight the extreme importance of designing prevention programs to help individuals who have experience with racial microaggressions and discrimination. Specifically, they recommend that these prevention programs should include education on examples of microaggressions and the adverse effects of

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