Essay on Racial Cultural Identity Developement Model

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Racial/Cultural Identity Development Model

Ericka Ashe-Lane

Troy University

One of the most promising approaches to the field of multicultural counseling/therapy has been the work on racial/cultural identity development among minority groups. This model acknowledges within groups differences that have implications for treatment. The high failure-to-return rate of many clients seems to be intimately connected to the mental health professional’s inability to assess the cultural identity of clients accurately. The model also acknowledges
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The person’s desire to eliminate oppression of the individual’s minority group becomes an important motivation of the individual’s behavior, which ultimately may be motivated by the affective feelings of guilt, shame, and anger (Sue & Sue, 2008).

The next stage in the R/CID model is Introspection. The individual begins to discover that this deep seeded hatred of the dominate group is psychologically draining. Moreover, the energy used to hate the dominate group is not conducive to their understanding neither themselves nor their own racial-cultural group. The resistance and immersion stage tends to be a reaction against the dominant culture and is not proactive in allowing the individual to use all energies to discover who or what he or she is. The minority shows concerns for the basis of the self-appreciation. Self-definition in the previous stage tends to be reactive (against White racism), and a need for positive self-definition in a proactive sense emerges.

The minority individual experiences feelings of discontent and discomfort with group views that may be quite rigid in the resistance and immersion stage. A Latino individual that may form a deep relationship with a person outside their culture may experience considerable pressure from his or her culturally similar peers to break off the relationship because that person is the “enemy.” However, the personal experiences of the individual at

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