The Importance Of Mount Shasta Eruption

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The cities of Weed, Mount Shasta City, McCloud, and Dunsmuir lie in the shadow of Mount Shasta and could be devastated by an eruption. They lie close enough to the base of the mountain that they could suffer damage from pyroclastic (hot gas, rock, and ash) and lava flows, tephra (rock fragments and particles ejected by a volcanic eruption)., lahars (destructive mudflow), and ballistic ejecta. Based on recent behavior, it is not likely that Mount Shasta will erupt catastrophic volumes soon. However, smaller eruptions are possible. At least ten eruptions have taken place in California in the past 1,000 years according to the USGS. Most recently, Lassen Peak in Lassen Volcanic National Park had a series of eruptions from 1914 to 1917. Concerned people and groups work with the government to hopefully solve or at least slow global warming which could be so disastrous to not only Mount Shasta but the entire planet Earth. Government funded studies had verified that the Mount Shasta area is the ancestral home of the Wintu tribe and the mountain is central to the Indian belief systems (Nabov). People must be aware of the delicate balance that can easily be disrupted and treat the area with respect and care to preserve the beauty for coming generations. Mount Shasta was designated a National Landmark in December of 1976.

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Eagle Rock, located near Mount Shasta in the McCloud River canyon, is sacred to the Wintu tribe. It has been dishonored with graffiti and carvings. Photo from

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