The Importance Of Music Education

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Section One

A. Research suggest that music education and its relationship to child’s overall education is crucial. Based on many research results it's come to my conclusion that music is an important part of a student's curriculum because it enhances their performance in subject areas such as math and language arts, boost their self esteem, and improves their phonetic and language skills.

B. The bullet I found most interesting is the 5th bullet. I can relate to this bullet since I was once a English language learner and I can testify that music in a classroom is essential. Also during high school I volunteered at a 1st grade classroom where there was 3 autism kids and I witness the impact music can have. I find this bullet interesting because it shows that there's many different ways to educate and enhance students education. Therefore as a future kindergarten teacher I will use the power of music to enrich students performance.

The bullet I found least interesting was the second bullet. The reason why I found it less interesting is because my goal is to become a kindergarten teacher thus this bullet would not apply to my age group of students. However it is interesting that older students math and reading performance enhances.

Section Two

A. Howard Gardner is the author Frames of Mind who is best known for his Theory of Multiple Intelligences which consist of 8 intelligences. From all the 8 intelligences I believe Interpersonal Intelligence is my strongest because I
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