The Importance Of Music Education

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High schools across the country are working hard to defund their art programs, primarily because they believe that they are less important than the standard studies of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Not only should students take an arts program during their high school careers, but they should also take at least two semesters to be able to gain all that they can from one of the particular programs. It is now more important than ever to ensure an equally balanced education between the standard and art classes. Studies have shown that participation in arts such as music has had a significant impact on a student’s learning process in an extremely positive way (Judson). Teachers and principals are beginning to realize how important these programs really are because they can see the improvement in their student’s academic scores and involvement with the school. High school students, who, for example, take a music program during their educational career, tend to have a different working brain than a student who is not involved in these programs (Brown). Music education greatly enhances students’ understanding and achievement in non-musical classes (Kalivrentenos). Research shows that students involved in music use more of their brains because playing a musical instrument requires it (Brown). The standard reading, writing, and arithmetic only require one half of the body’s brain, but music requires the other half. Those who disagree, point out that a future career requires a

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