The Importance Of Music In My Life

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Music is found all around us in our day and age; one can find it to be a difficult task to escape the presence of music today. Considering the vast presence of music, what is the impact of this form of modern art? Many are oblivious to the fact that music is one of the most defining objects in our world; one doesn’t simply think about what it really means deep down. Music has the power to define an individual, yet, as a whole, we still have not truly realized the power within music and the relation it has to one’s life and experiences. For me, music can be applied to my dearest memories. It clearly displays the most prominent things in my life which define who I am. Family and the faith that has been instilled into my life because of them has played such an important role in my life as far as who I have been in the past, who I am now, and who I hope to become in the future; thus, my playlist highlights the defining moments of my life and the correlation between the two. From the moment I decided that I desired to learn to play the piano, my grandfather was my most avid supporter. He never thought twice about purchasing a beautiful piano to keep in his home solely for me. Though my grandfather himself could not play, he still had a passion for me to achieve my dreams, and clearly he proved his desire to be at the front row of encouragement. I will never forget my grandfather’s excitement for me to learn something that interested me; he wouldn’t wait long before

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