The Importance Of Music In The Marble Statue

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Music in the Marble Statue Music is a method used across the world to share ideas and tell stories. It has been used to show emotion and ideas for centuries in countless different civilizations. It has been used to describe cultures and also tell about people’s individual lives. It is also an easy way to portray emotion and give the listener a look inside the artist’s mind. In the Marble Statue by Joseph von Eichendorff, music is used to show the importance of characters, show the beauty of the story and also to foreshadow future events. Fortunato’s songs throughout the Marble Statue will prove to do all of these things and have huge importance to the development of the story. The importance of music was present from the first time that Fortunato met Florio. As their adventure together developed throughout the story many instances of music occurred. Florio was drawn towards Fortunato due to his famous voice. When Florio stated, “there is the singer Fortunato”(4), it proved his knowledge of Fortunato being a famous singer. He was famous solely for the sound of his voice. His appearance was not recognizable but his voice drew everyone to him. Every woman, man and child was intrigued and drawn to Fortunato due to his unbelievable talent. They wanted to be around him, as his celebrity was unquestionable. During the story, a large party was thrown in a park for Fortunato. Many of his admirers gathered close to him, just to hear his voice. Florio was comfortable watching from
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