The Importance Of Musical Education

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Musical education is an important subject that is commonly overlooked and provides many benefits to children who study it. In chapter 1 titled, “Music and the Child - Why Music?”, there are many pieces of evidence pulled from different researches that suggest that musical education needs to be implemented into schools as a core subject. In 1999, Texas State University conducted a research study that provided evidence that studying piano can be connected to improvements in many core subjects such as math, science, and language. In addition, multiple other studies conducted by the University of Toronto and the Psychology Department at Stanford showed evidence that the study of music is capable of improving a child’s reading and language skills (Music and the Child). Overall, musical education has a large positive impact on a child’s education by providing them with skills that can better their performance in multiple areas of study. In chapter 1, I found the fourth bullet point on page 2.2 to be the most interesting. It states that music can improve a student’s self-esteem and confidence. I would have never guessed that music can have that kind of impact on a student. This fact is also very interesting because a student that is confident in himself may also be more likely to participate and be more involved in class. I found the sixth bullet point as the least interesting out of all seven. It states that music can benefit an above average student by providing them with more

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