The Importance Of My Cultural Interview

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My culture is essential when understanding who I am as a person and as a future social worker. The top three elements of my culture include my gender, race, and religious affiliation. My gender, race, and religious affiliation can heavily impact an interview with a client by supporting and interfering with the interview process. While some elements of my culture are more easily viewable than others, all may have a gargantuan impact in my future social work career with my clients. Upon interviewing a client, one of the first aspects a client will notice about me is my gender. Discussing my gender is essential when talking about my cultural identity because being female has shaped my perspectives and experiences in this world and can even impact my interview with a client. There are advantages and disadvantages to being a female, mostly demonstrated within my interactions with others, and I will likely bring these advantages and disadvantages with me in a future interview. Many people, including possible clients, view females as more nurturing and compassionate when compared to male counterparts. This bias may influence my ability to do my job effectively and efficiently. This impact will likely be beneficial as clients could be more open to speaking with a counselor whom he or she believes could be more sympathetic towards his or her situation. In addition, being female can also positively impact my experiences with female clients- especially those who have experienced

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