Cultural Interview : Cultural Informant Interview

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Cultural Informant Interview My cultural informant was a friend who I have known for about six and a half years, Lisa. Lisa’s sister, Liya, and I became close friends during my freshman year of college. Liya, two other girls, and I became roommates from sophomore year through senior year. Lisa is a year younger than me, so I met her during my sophomore year. Liya and Lisa were international students from Ethiopia, so they often spent holidays and breaks with my family and I. The three of us became close during our college years, and I had the opportunity to visit them in Ethiopia in the summer of 2015. Liya is currently living in Ethiopia; therefore, I am not able to speak with her as frequently as Lisa; however, modern technology does …show more content…

While I do agree that my family is filled with women who seek careers, I do believe that women in my family still held a stronger role in taking care of the children and home than the men. For example, my mom and aunts often talk about how they were the ones to take off work when a child was sick as opposed to the child’s father. Lisa did mention how my female cousins and I all talk about how we want our significant others to play a stronger family role. During my undergraduate career, I had many interests, and I was not sure what career path was best; therefore, I majored in mathematics and psychology. Lisa mentioned that my interest in STEM fields was possibly due to the wide variety of careers my aunts pursued. Lisa felt like that I knew that these careers would be challenging, but I did not let gender stereotypes hold me back. While I agree that by the time I got to college, I sought to choose a career based on my interests and not social standards of gender, I was not always this way as a child. Growing up, I was strong in science and math, but I struggled with reading. My third grade teacher told me, “Girls are good at reading. They hate math.” At that point, I thought something was wrong with me, because I liked math and not reading. I also tended to play more with boys and preferred

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