Graham Brown Journey

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Life is about choices. Some we Regret, some we're proud of. Some will haunt us forever. The message: we are what we chose to be. Graham Brown. My journey into the program is very interesting and also, fun. In the past I was in the call to adventure and meeting the mentor stage of my journey, in the present moment I am in the approach stage of my journey and moving on to the future, I will probably be in the road back or the resurrection stage of this special journey of mine. The call to adventure all began in eighth grade when I was still figuring out what school I want to commit to and looking at the key attributes of the many schools was definitely helpful throughout my planning. As far as my academics and school life, I was fairly an average student that always had the desire to achieve the best results in anything I did. My positive mindset was formed with the help of my amazing coach and mentors, Mr. MacLean my parents and a whole bunch of teachers. I learned to always give your best in everything and God will do the rest. My coach taught me one thing that I still remember which is that actions speak louder than words. This quote along with many others helped me through the tough challenges in school and also my passion; playing sports. I ended up achieving two awards at the graduation ceremony which really proved nothing but the fact that hard work pays off. I received the athlete of the year award and also honour roll alongside with my twin. When the time came

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