The Importance Of Myself In My Life

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Student, businessman, outgoing, dedicated, creative, and willing are just a few things that set me apart from other kids. I don't find myself as being a normal person. There are people who lead others, who set trends, who do things first, who strive to better themselves no matter what it takes. Then there are the followers, those who follow the trends set by the leaders, those who will do anything to fit in and be “cool”. I like to classify myself as a leader. I’m a tall lanky kid with long hair and light blue eyes. Some may think that this puts me at a disadvantage. I like to use this as a gift, because of my broad shoulders, I am able to fit into a ton of clothing and make them actually look good. My blue eyes compliment me very well, matching almost every color. I fit in well with many of the kids in school. I have a good base of friends and try to stay out of trouble as much as possible. I get made fun of for being “skinny” sometimes but it never really phases me. I usually brush it off and go on with my day. The things that I say are mostly business oriented or funny. There never really is an in between. I praise myself on how funny I am. I believe i'm funny because I get a ton of people to laugh when they're around me. But because I run a small business on the side I like to keep things formal when i'm talking with people. Just recently I had to speak with the printing company I work with in hopes to make one hundred more t-shirts. I needed to send a formal
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