The Importance Of Nurses Of Science In Nursing

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There are many roles that Registered Nurses can pursue once they graduate from a nursing program and obtain their license. A Bachelor’s of science in Nursing (BSN) prepared nurse and an Associates of Science in Nursing (ASN) prepared nurse learn the same technical skills such as taking vital signs and passing medications, but a BSN nurse is better educated in critical thinking. A BSN prepared nurse can also advance quicker in their career with better job opportunities. These are strong reasons for any ASN nurse to seek a higher level of education. It is important to note that the BSN nurse is highly skilled to be more of a critical thinker. When the Affordable Care Act was established in 2012, the role of the RN began to expand into more of a coordinator of patient care (McIntosh, 2016). Baccalaureate degree RNs are better prepared in critical thinking, they are more analytical and creative, they are better at collaboration with other persons on the medical team, they can delegate correctly, and are more trained in leadership and management (McIntosh, 2016) Critical thinking is so important when using the nursing process and deciding what is best for a patient outcome. Baccalaureate nursing programs teach more critical thinking skills and offer better clinical experiences that enhance their ability to provide care for patients with several diagnoses while learning to collaborate with all facets of the healthcare team (McIntosh, 2016). By providing care for critically ill

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