Difference in Competencies Between Adn vs Bsn Essay

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Competence is the ability of an individual to do a job properly. It is the combination of knowledge, skills and behavior used to improve the performance. The American Nurses Association defines a competency as “an expected level of performance that integrates knowledge skills, ability and judgment”. In these terms, the competency among ADN and BSN looks same, but there are some differences in various levels. In simple terms ADN is a “technical” nurse and BSN is a “professional” nurse. This difference is because ADN is trained mostly on clinical skills, while BSN training is focused on leadership, nursing research, management as well as clinical skills. Currently in United States Associated degree nurses usually receive this in 2 years…show more content…
They are able to perform patient care by IV and oral medication administration, cardiac monitoring, airway management, blood transfusion, wound care etc… They are accountable to implement family central patient care. Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing is Four year Program accredited by a university or a college. Having bachelor’s degree in the science of nursing (BSN) can lead us in many direction in the carrier. It is a steppingstone. Like ADN the BSN program also follows their core curriculum, adult health, maternal and newborn nursing, pediatric nursing and community health nursing. In generally speaking many advance nursing positions requires a BSN. BSN nurses are prized to their skills in critical thinking, leadership, case management and health promotion. Studies also have found that the nurses prepared at the baccalaureate level have stronger communication and problem solving skills. In addition the liberal learning in a global perspective gained from Four years of the baccalaureate educations, the BSN curriculum also include clinical, scientific, decision making and humanistic skills including preparation of community health, patient education and nursing management and leadership. They are competent to make quick, sometimes life and death decisions, to have healthier discussions and
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