The Importance Of Owning Property With Great Historic And Economic Value

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Many questions arise regarding the decision of owning property with great historic and economic value. In the artistic world of museums, there has always been a craving to own the most valuable antiquities created by human kind. The biggest battle of antiquities relies on the Elgin Marbles, which were once part of the Parthenon, a magnificent creation of Athenians to worship Athena “The Goddess of War” (British Museum web npg). This temple stands atop the Acropolis, on the site of another lost temple to Athens ' patron goddess. Little is known about this first structure except that it was still under construction in 480 B.C. when Persian forces sacked the city and demolished the Acropolis. The Parthenon is very famous, and tourists from all over the world visit this temple to contemplate the talent of past generations. In present times, we have Greece, which claims that the Elgin Marbles should be repatriated; on the other hand we have Britain, which currently possesses the Elgin Marbles displayed in the British Museum. The British Museum acquired these sculptures thanks to Lord Elgin, a British ambassador to the Ottoman Empire. Lord Elgin was passionate about the ancient Greek art. Between “1801-1805 he removed about half of the remaining sculptures back to Britain” (BM web npg). This big dispute has garnered extensive media attention. Not all of the sculptures from the Parthenon are in the British Museum, even though a big portion of them are. You can also find

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