Occupational Therapy And Participation Essay

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Participation is an important piece in the field of occupational therapy. Given that different factors influence participation and when people have a choice in the activity, it increases participation, then the more someone actively participates in occupational therapy, the better their outcome of therapy will be. In her piece, Participation in the Occupations of Everyday Life, Mary Law focuses on this idea that participation in meaningful activity is key to effective occupational therapy. I may not be old and experienced but, I am old enough to be able to relate the information in this article to my life.
Participation can make someone feel more fulfilled in life and can increase their self-esteem by making them feel more capable in the act of doing (Law, 2002, p. 640). In general, participation in extracurricular activities outside of work or school increases quality of life for both children and adults. When children participate in sports or clubs, their risk of smoking, low self-esteem and having difficulty making friends decreases. Adults that volunteer or participate in recreational activities are proven by research to live longer and have higher quality of life. (Law, 2002, p. 641) Speaking from experience, as a freshman in college during my undergrad, all I did was study – I didn’t attempt to make friends or participate in any organizations. As one can image, I can’t say I was experiencing a high quality of life because I needed to be engaging in activities with

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