The Importance Of Personal Experiences

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Every person goes through different experiences that influence the way they mature and the way they decide future plans. My personal experiences include family factors that influenced the way I am today. I have not let the unfortunate events let my future plans differ from what was planned but they have allowed me to accept the things I cannot change and also make me realize the things I can. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change: courage to change the things I can: and wisdom to know the difference.” Reinhold Neibuhr quoted this in his lifetime and it has significance to my family. It came into my family 28 years ago from my father during his recovery time. It is a common quote that is said for recovering patients and treatment centers. In the last few years I have finally been able to interpret the quote and use it in life for myself. There are things that I absolutely cannot change and personally I hate that, however, I believe through faith I am able to decipher these things I can’t truly change. Some ideas and things I can change, but may also be intimidating. I refer to this quote and I am to push past those tough times and am able to change what I may not want to. To know the difference can be the hardest part in my opinion. There are things I want to change, but absolutely cannot do. To be able to use this quote in my life along with my faith, I can conquer all my goals and dreams and that is this specific quote means a lot to me. My
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