The Importance Of Personal Writing

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Ever since I was an even littler child, I have always found a way to cope with the world, in happiness, sadness, and anger, through writing and reading. Growing up in a difficult position, it was considered amazing to have an outlet for when things got especially tough. I would read until my eyes became blurry of exhaustion and write until my right ring finger bore the blister of a determined kid- writer. My reading mainly consisted of books above the level of an elementary student and, to this day, always remains higher than average. However, obstacles have risen to claim my steady concentration and it’s quite difficult not to imagine elephants eating skittles or something of the liking whilst reading any select novel. My writing, under the influence of everything I’ve ever read, is the fire behind my eyes. Take away my writing utensils and you remove who I am. My works are an array of plenty subjects and styles; science fiction, songs, horror, poetry, romance, and humorous stories. As far back as I can remember, I have always written. In order to understand why I am such an avid writer, it is crucial to understand portions of my background. Growing up, words either failed to matter or were put to harsh uses. Therefore, I developed a passion for giving life to each fictional scenario through pen upon paper. My primary style took the form of lyrics in nonsensical songs about the breakups I never had. As I got older, they began to transform into songs based solely on my

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