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Ringing of an alarm clock pierces the air, and it bounces off of stark lavender walls that once witnessed the scenes of childhood. Gently, lift my head off of my desk while dried spit and sleep are slowly rubbed away. As the numbers 09/07/17 --- 3:40am blink across an alarm clock parallel to me, the ominous stack of summer work seems to malignantly taunt and laugh at me.
For I haven’t been able to usefully put my pen to paper without writing a story. Informal writing,
I admit, is not my ideal niche; as it tends to turn into the bizarre ramblings of an over-caffeinated and underslept student. My brain groans What should I start with? Yet, laziness took the best of me and decided that we had five more minutes to sleep. For a whimsical world of wondrous dreams was my escape from reading the usual monotony of Walden and taunting of summer work, as it is not a book to curl up on a beach with. Unfortunately, my subconscious decided to rear its ugly face into my sweet escape and resulted in terrors of leaving life unfinished.
Wet. Why is it wet? Suddenly my eyes were forced open as I was no longer at my desk, and into a world where the realms of society never crept up and obliterated natural beauty.
However, for me, natural beauty is best untouched and on pixelated screens. With wet leaves sticking to my face, I lift my head and make a fruitless effort shake from my slumber. For the fact that I was in a uncultivated and undomesticated purgatory did not shake me until the

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